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Since the style of work interesting and the author's character may not be linked, then why entangled their character? Human civilization itself is tolerant, it value the work itself. The so-called "text to carry", works of "Road", its fundamental. We might as well say that if a work conveys the true, the good, and the beautiful of a character, it is touching and thought-provoking, and it has reached the goal that the work must achieve. As for the author himself - It is possible to infer from the work that the situation is not within the scope of consideration of the work. The author may rely on works and immortality, but the history of literature finally tells us that it is preserved, "immortal works", not "immortal literati."
So I think, in the face of work, and to work on the hero. Although we respect the feelings of the Ministry of Industry and is willing to turn it into cultivation, but we can from the "Merchant of Venice" to learn from the inexhaustible power of justice and loyalty. The author will eventually pass away, its character will be eroded not seen; but once the elegant work, it is enough light through the ages, the benefits of ancient and modern. As a heavy, heavy road, character, such as a dog for a moment, should work on the hero!

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